About ProofSpace

ProofSpace is an identity network wrapped with the world’s most advanced no-code platform for verifiable credentials. We aim to provide the ultimate toolkit for decentralised ID, with no-code editors for every step in the implementation and scaling process, including a library of interoperable credentials and protocols.

Delivered as SaaS or on-prem, engineering or operations teams can use the ProofSpace dashboard to build, validate and scale decentralised identity workflows and ecosystems using our schema, credential and interaction editors. End users can access these workflows via a free mobile App for iOS and Android. This App is more than just a wallet containing their credentials, it’s also a marketplace in which those credentials can be used.

In the long-run that’s how we see ProofSpace: a B2C digital marketplace, powered by user-held identity. In practice this will be an accumulation of blockchains, ecosystems and services across which transactions are powered by interoperable verifiable credentials.

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