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About Progress

Innovation machine learning technology start-up, revolutionizing classical approach to software and hardware design with breakthrough Neural Networks research - Virtual Brain Technology.

Our invention solves the fundamental limitation challenge of all neural networks - high computations cost - by providing a new training method, which does not require large cluster machines, and does improve performance.

Progress current IP Portfolio includes the following patents:

Patent US 9390373; 2016
Patent US 9619749; 2017
US Patent No. 10423694; 2019
Japan Patent No. 6382354;2018
China Patent No. ZL201580012022.2; 2018
Mexico Patent No. MX357374B; 2018
Taiwan Patent No. I655587; 2019
Israel patent No. 247533; 2019
Hong Kong Patent No. HK1227499; 2019
Singapore Patent No. 11201608265X; 2019
Patent allowance for Eurasia patent (9 countries)

Company website: