• 6 June

    Are you an experienced full-stack engineer who loves elegant code and clean architecture? Are you fluent with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and take great care in the design and maintainability of server-side API’s?

    Didukh Sofiia, IT Recruiter at Pinnakl
    Relocate, Anguilla Product   Full Remote · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 27 May

    We are a fintech company that operates on Wall Street. Pinnakl offers state-of-the-art trading and portfolio management SaaS to hedge funds (investment management domain). We are looking for a Senior .NET Developer. Fully remote job with an opportunity to move to the US.

    Olga Duzhak, Recruiter at Pinnakl
    Ukraine (Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv + 2 more cities) Product   Full Remote · 5 years of experience · Upper-Intermediate

About Pinnakl

We founded Pinnakl in 2015. Here is why..
Hedge fund managers looking for technology offerings only have legacy solutions --- originally built when the landscape looked starkly different -- to choose from. These solutions are cumbersome to use (8 clicks instead of one), entail lengthy implementations and onboarding processes, and need an army of techies at every stage.
Legacy offerings are, ironically, expensive! Full access licenses cost a lot more than read-only. Also, each add-on feature costs more. Ultimately, managers decide on a hybrid using outsourced bare-bone versions along with excel that is something that only wastes time and adds additional risk.

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