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About Optio Incentives

In just three years, Optio has become the leader in share-based payments in Norway and Sweden. We have won long-term contracts with 55 companies (as of October 2020). Most of our clients are fairly large companies listed on a stock exchange. So far, we have not had to take on external investors.

Our mission is to create a feeling of ownership, aligning the interests of employees and shareholders. Within the framework of share-based payments we help companies create the optimal incentives, maximizing the perceived value amongst employees and participants.

In practice, this can mean giving stock options to managers and letting employees buy shares of the company at a discount.

We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a distributed tech team in Ukraine. We are growing in both countries in order to take advantage of the opportunities we see in our market.
Designing share-based payment programs and managing them over time is difficult and complicated.

Here are some of the problems we are solving:
- Design:
What instruments should employees get in order for them to work towards the same goals as the investors? What are the tax consequences of different designs? By how much will they increase the amount of shares in the company, diluting the existing investors?
- Simulations:
As an employee, what are my stocks worth if the company grows? What are they worth if the company stagnates? What are they worth right now?
- Financial reporting:
How much do the payments cost for the company? How much money does the company need to save for payroll taxes in the future?
- Liquidity:
Employees who want to purchase shares of their employer may not have the cash they need. How can they get a short-term loan to purchase the stocks?
- Administration:
Who owns what? For how long are the different instruments valid? Are any options expiring soon?

Our solution:
In order to solve these problems, we have built a sophisticated web application. It supports all types of financial instruments that companies are using to motivate and award their employees. Nevertheless, it has a lot of room for improvement. For example, our operations team is doing a lot of manual work that can be automated. We are also looking to expand internationally into new markets, which will require more features.

Our software business has been growing steadily since we onboarded our first customer in the beginning of 2018. Many companies struggle with COVID, but the pandemic has not caused us to lose a single customer.

Why should you join us?
- Opportunity to work with exciting technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Next.js, GraphQL, React and Material-UI
- Long-term cooperation with 24 paid vacation days per year and other social benefits
- Paid time off for official Ukrainian holidays
- Partial pay for sick days
- Competitive salary (based on your professional skills)
- Professional growth opportunities
- Competent colleagues in Ukraine and Norway
- Secure employment in a profitable company (We have never been late with payments to our employees)
- Take part in a fast-growing company

Reasons you might want to stay away
- As a fast-growing company, many of our processes are far from perfect, and they are changing rapidly.
- This is not a greenfield project. We have a lot of code that has been written quickly to meet customer demands, so some of it is difficult to understand. We are now in the scaling phase and are working to pay down technical debt and structure the system as microservices.
- Our Ukrainian team is working remotely. So if you don’t like that, you should probably not apply. That said, the Ukrainian team meets in person 4 times a year.

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