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About Onsweb

We help organizations design, improve and digitalize work processes with smart online platforms.

We are Onsweb!

We improve critical processes of an organization. Therefore, trust is of the essence. You must be able to rely on knowledge and skills that justify that trust.

With our multidisciplinary team of 35 experts, we can make IT work for you again. We combine years of knowledge, innovation, and inspiration. That combination leads to the solution of your future challenges.

Our goal is always to deliver a functional environment. A functional environment, designed from a user’s point of view. As a partner, we seek the connection. Not only in our solutions, but also in our collaborations.

We prefer to get started as soon as possible to achieve the first results. From start to finish, we communicate in clear-cut and feasible actions towards a successful delivery.

We love what we do and believe in how we do that. With us, innovation is fun, result-oriented, and inspiring!

What we can offer for you:

1️⃣Hybrid workspace
The new standard and you get to choose. Do you want to work only at the office or only at home, or do you prefer an ideal mix of working at home and at the office? It’s up to you.

2️⃣ Annual training budget
We are looking for ambitious people who want to learn and grow. Who want to keep developing their skills. Of course, we are ready to invest in your personal development.

3️⃣ Monthly health package
We care about your well-being! We provide a monthly health package that you can use for anything that improves your health. That also includes a massage or gym membership ;).

4️⃣ Free English classes
Communication is key! Especially in our international team. That’s why we provide free in-house English classes for all levels.

5️⃣ Extra days off
In addition to your regular vacation days, you can earn more time off. We cherish our people, so the longer you work for us, the more extra leave you’ll get.

6️⃣ Open culture
A flat hierarchy and being able to say what you think. Spar about an issue, laugh and cry together, and above all celebrate successes. We are all different, but we respect each other.

Let's start our journey together!

Tech is fun! The possibilities are endless. We get energy from exploring these possibilities together and making a digital impact. We stimulate creativity, innovation, and input. For that we have to put people first. Both in our solutions and in our teams.

Does that sound familiar? Let us know your thoughts on our digital way of working and how we can optimize that together.

But please note… we are not looking for yes-men or followers, but colleagues who look a little further, can inspire and want to work together. In an open working environment where we can learn from each other and grow. But above all have fun. Together we make digital impact!

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