• 14 June

    You will work remotely and (1) integrate MLOps tools to build end-to-end ML projects, (2) generalize those integrations to ensure interoperability of ML project components, (3) participate in our own ML platform developed which helps with the integrations.

    Yevhenii Semendiak, MLOps at Neu.ro
    Product   Full Remote · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

About Neu.ro

Neu.ro is a technology company using ML (Machine Learning) and DL (Deep Learning) to solve real-world problems for business and science. We solve MLOps for ML teams in global enterprise, single-product AI companies, systems integrators, scientific research organizations and others.

We focus on providing optimal client-oriented MLOps solutions based on our core product – the Neu.ro Platform – and integrations of best-in-class open-source and proprietary ML tools into seamless workflows. We are founding members of the AI Infrastructure Alliance, a community shaping this fast-moving new industry. We are partners with NVIDIA, AWS, GCP, Azure and other leaders in the space.

Our mission is to support responsible AI by providing our clients with reproducible, collaborative, accountable, continuous and scalable MLOps solutions. Our vision is to develop the industry standard in interoperability for the universe ML tools.

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