• 26 February

    We are looking for an experienced PHP Developer to strengthen our Ukrainian development team for a client from Germany.

    Juri Gaidukov, Managing Director at netzlabor.coding
     Kyiv, Dnipro, remote · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

About netzlabor.coding

We are a company that is fueled by a tech-driven culture, family-friendly employer and an equal opportunity. We care about creating a positive experience for people who use the solutions we program. We value a workplace that encourages effective communication and cooperation, and we consistently move forward with a figure-it-out mentality. Most importantly, we always remember to go about each day with energy, passion, and positivity.

Today, we operate from offices in Cologne 🇩🇪 , Kyiv and Dnipro 🇺🇦. While our Cologne office is focused on the successful implementation of our business strategy, the bulk of our development work takes place in Ukraine.

When you join us, you become a fully-integrated member of the client’s team, you will be in direct communication with the client, providing consistent feedback and proficiently delivering results, allowing you to work to your strengths as you influence the workflow and deliver an excellent product.

Outside of meeting our clients needs, netzlabor.coding provides relevant opportunities for personal growth to our team members. Through our mentoring programs, advice and guidance, as well as our active knowledge transfer approach, you will be able to focus on honing your skills and reaching personal goals in your work.

To successful candidates we offer a fair, competitive € salary. As part of our team you will be supported with any training necessary to carry out our clients’ needs, and you will be given a chance to participate in language classes to bolster your communication skills if necessary.

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