About Matter Labs

At Matter Labs, we are building zkSync, Ethereum's most advanced ZK rollup.

The mission of zkSync is to scale public permissionless blockchain to millions of users in a fully trustless manner — ideally, by relying purely on math rather than complicated incentive mechanisms that can be tricked. Succinct zero-knowledge proofs are currently the most viable way to achieve this goal, and we are proud to be one of a few companies in the world with a strong expertise in the field.

The Offer

We offer highly competitive (above-market) compensation and equity options. You can work from one of nice our offices (Berlin/Kiev) or remotely.

We have a small focused team. No time tracking, minimum bureaucracy, only results matter. We’ll provide you with anything you need to learn, grow and be more productive.

How to apply

Please shoot us your CV with a brief cover letter.

Learn more about:

- The project: https://zksync.io
- The company: https://matter-labs.io
- How we work: https://www.notion.so/43342b471fe14f05b2baf250cb7c7a02
- Zero-knowledge proofs: https://github.com/matter-labs/awesome-zero-knowledge-proofs

All our code is open source: https://github.com/matter-labs

Company website: