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  • 24 December
    QA Engineer $2500-4000

    Что есть: • работа напрямую с заказчиком удалённо или из киевского офиса • конфигурация рабочей станции по выбору • оплата по верхней планке рынка • гибкий график Чего нет: • многочисленных длительных интервью • бюрократии, лишь чуть-чуть в самом начале

    Olga Davydova, HR at Lumenity
    Kyiv   Office/Remote of your choice · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

About Lumenity

A well-rounded innovative technology company, Tech Cooperate operates in Ukraine and provides digital transformation strategies across large organisations. We constantly challenge ourselves to stay on top of the game and provide powerful and effective solutions to enable the ultimate digital transformation!

The project we are working on now it’s a comprehensive movement of the business from legacy CRM system into newley developed (by you). Based on latest and greatest technologies such as: Node.js, Nestjs framework, React.js (with Flux and/or Redux)

The user base of this CRM is 3k+, and the customers base are hundreds of thousands of people in FinTech

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