• 15 November

    Lucid Reality Labs — R&D Labs for Product Development Services in Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Realities and Artificial Intelligence. Creating our own products and working with entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations to disrupt existing industries and business models.

    Maryna Poliakova, HR at Lucid Reality Labs
    Kyiv   Partly Remote · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

About Lucid Reality Labs

We believe that Augmented Reality is the next generation technology platform that will change the way people experience life, communicate, learn, work and interact with the world. AR Glasses is the revolutionary device that will disrupt all the industries and we work to be a part of this change.

Our team develops cutting edge AR/VR/MR solutions and immersive experiences for top brands, digital agencies, technology startups, and global enterprises. Among our latest successful projects are the world’s first AR/VR music album, the world’s first Mind Map in AR, the world’s first VR intubation simulations for medical training, and many innovative products for e-commerce, media, automotive, Robotics and other industries we are currently working with.

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