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About LeanyLabs

LeanyLabs is a young, friendly company that provides web engineering services for 🚀startups.

It was founded in 2020 by three experienced software engineers who have seen other companies from the inside and strived to create a better one.

Today, the company has both young and well-known, established 🦄startups from Israel and the US among its clients.

We've delivered many exciting projects like:
— ⛅ gorgeous weather portals
— 📊 complex data analytics applications
— 🕵️ mind-blowing telemetry solutions for developers

Every project has been designed, architectured, and developed from scratch using modern technologies: React, Node.js, AWS, GCP, and others. The company maintains a strong focus on the JavaScript stack, enabling everyone to quickly grow their skills and share their knowledge with others.

We want to be the best in web application development, and we can do it only with real professionals in small, efficient teams with common sense over bureaucracy.

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