• 25 November

    Логістичний британсько-польський стартап в пошуках Middle/Senior Angular Front-End Developer. Ми в пошуках досвідченої людини, яка зміцнить нашу крутезну команду в напрямку Angular.

    Захар Чміль, Product Designer at KCharles
    Lviv Product   Office Work · 2 years of experience

About kcharles.co.uk

If you looking a logistics company serving United Kingdom and Europe – now you found it! KCharles Haulage it is a haulage company with a total commitment to professionalism, development and customer satisfaction. Providing of high quality transport service is at the forefront of our company, with a qualified team of employees who are involved in providing a reliable, safely and timely services to our customers.

KCharles Haulage has been in the market provides a full range of transportation services across United Kingdom and Europe. It has undertaken more than 10,000 transports. Our company also specializes in combined transport in cooperate reliable business partners.

We offer a full range of transport services including general haulage, refrigerated/chilled, container movements, bulk freight transport and other trucks and semi-trailers with different volumes.

KCharles ensures the timely transport of all goods, regardless of distance. Our company has a flexible pricing policy and maintains a stable high level of service due to excellent cooperation with international transport companies.

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