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About Jazzros Software Development

At Jazzros, we crack deep tech puzzles.
We engineer end-to-end software solutions and consult companies on complex AI/ML, Computer Vision, and 3D technologies.

During working on numerous projects, our company has obtained great experience in the area of design and development of complex IT solutions for such branches as Software & Hi-Tech, Computer Vision, CAD, Additive Manufacturing, Natural Science & Environmental Protection, Fashion & Retail, etc.

We have our own R&D Team that brings more value to the business of our clients and helps us to hire the best talents. We engage in R&D activities that are related to AI, advanced image, and 3D data processing. That uniquely positions us to solve our clients’ most difficult problems.

The company headquarter is located in Wroclaw (Poland) and its software engineering center is in Kharkiv (Ukraine).

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