• 26 April

    Are you an experienced QA engineer keen to work closely with Swiss-based customers in a creative, fast-paced and legacy-free environment? Then let’s talk!

    Maryana Sukhnatska, Operations Officer at Inventify
      Lviv  · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

About Inventify

Inventify is a Swiss software company with a development office in Lviv, Ukraine. We build next-generation no-code platforms with enterprise-grade architecture and highly scalable infrastructure.

At the very beginning, programmers used binary machine code to interact directly with computer hardware. Then came assembly languages, adding one abstraction level on top. These in turn were followed by more higher-level languages, each of them automating numerous details of the language below and thereby making the lives of programmers easier.

In this evolution towards higher abstraction, no-code is the latest and most revolutionary step, because It allows nonprogrammers - citizen developers - to create anything they think about. “We think, therefore we create” is how we act on this fading duality of human mind and technology.

Inventify customers operate in technical segments in which the best quality and performance are highly appreciated. Innovation Managers, CEOs and professors decide to work with Inventify and therefore represent the main target group.

We are goal-oriented and are looking for the best of the best to join a winning team with a great office in the city center in Lviv.

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