• 25 September

    Ищем разработчика с опытом разработки электронных устройств: программирование С для микроконтроллеров STM, ESP и других.

    Yaroslav Yevtushenko, CEO at HTE LLC
    Kharkiv   Office/Remote of your choice · 3 years of experience

About HTE

If they tell you about your idea: “This is impossible!”,
The solution exists - “Welcome to us!”

HTE LLC is a company that specializes in electronics development. We work on contract based projects for the clients around the globe and have our own products as well. Our services include:

Digital circuits design;
Power circuits design;
Analog, precision and low noise circuits;
PCB design;
Housing and mechanics for electronics;
Production cost optimization of existing projects;
Development of modern analogues of existing devices;
Software and firmware development.

We know how to carry out the most courageous plan and offer solutions to any problem.

Office located in downtown Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Company website: