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About Hamilton Bright

At Hamilton Bright, we work hard to maintain our position as quality market leader in all of our specialized areas within Field IT.

Everything revolves around expertise, passion, success and reliability. These themes are translated into core values that form the starting point for our work method and all the services we provide.

On the other hand, we want to be the best company to work for: “Hire on attitude, train on skills!”
We offer our employees a personal learning journey, trainings based on job profiles, coaching on the job, 360 degrees feedback, fun activities, …

In order to accomplish our mission, we continually focus on our specialisms, make the greatest possible commitment to our employees and clients and allow sufficient room for entrepreneurship, innovation, work enjoyment and perspective.

My role at Hamilton Bright:

Are you looking for a career? Do it the (B)right way!

Matching (Young) Professionals with IT
Creating career opportunities
Representing Hamilton Bright as an amazing place to work
Employer Branding (strategic & operational)
Campus recruitment

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