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About GUTJAHR thinkers & makers

At GUTJAHR everything begins with a story. The story that made entrepreneurs and companies do what they do. When the original idea and related goals and priorities are pushed further and further away from everyday life and business, we come into play.
While focussing on the b2b area, we have been able to gain years of experience in the areas of marketing, communication, business development and design solution to help business owners achieve their high-level goals.
The secret behind good work is a good team and a good working atmosphere. Therefore, you can expect a friendly and open working atmosphere and a young and dynamic corporate culture in which co-creation is desired.
Due to our presence, primarily in the international arena, there is a refreshing mix of exciting projects which gives the opportunity of more global minded and culture aware working conditions as well as a better understanding for the global market. It is an incredibly exciting time to be part of GUTJAHR, as we are expanding our company and are very ambitious for high growth.

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