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About CheckEat

We are a product company that brings together two of the greatest human passions - new technologies and food.

CheckEat is about food tech.

You can show CheckEat to your mom and her friend - decide for yourself why. But they will be interested, for sure.
And it will be super interesting for you to create such a product, come up with features, choose technologies for them and create architectures.

CheckEat is about the safe future.
Our mission is to start digital trends in a service industry to ensure its safety and growth. We love cozy, safe, tasty, and fun communications within our circle of friends.
We love to do this whenever possible, even if there is very little time.
In June 2020, we realized that it was time to act. And we ran.

CheckEat is about dynamics.
We worked hard. For the last six months we:
assembled a team of people (Product Owner, PM, Back-end (2), Front-end, Mobile Development (1), QA, DevOps, UI/UX, HR, Marketing, Legal).
formulated and validated the idea of ​CheckEat on the market,
designed the concept and architecture,
developed CheckEat 1.0,
integrated CheckEat with Poster and payment systems,
conducted closed testing with restorants and cafes, gathered experience, and now we are working on CheckEat 2.0. Now product has passed the MVP stage.

Let set aside more time for non-trivial things — CheckEat motto and vision.
Join us to create a delicious product together!

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