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  • 10 January

    We are building cool stuff. We are looking for a problem solver who is not afraid of picking up a complex task and deliver a solution. Optimize cloud cost by 80%, develop a data analysis algorithm, optimize processing speed from 10 hours to 10 min, build UI that clients love - you don't get bored.

    Evgeny Bogdanov, CTO at Gamaya
    Product   Full Remote · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

About Gamaya

We are a growing start-up in Switzerland, looking for motivated candidates to advance the development of our multiple Web applications and cloud processing architecture.

Interesting and complicated tasks where you won't be bored:
- parallel processing in the cloud
- user interfaces
- work with maps and GIS systems
- drone and satellite imagery
- algorithms

Check out the website to see what we do.

Company website: