About FusionWorks

FusionWorks is software development company that focuses on outstaffing services, full-cycle product development and IT community building. The company was founded in 2011 by Genadii Ganebnyi and Anton Perkin and has its headquarters in Chisinau, Moldova.

FusionWorks developed products for various industries including finance, healthcare, biotechnology, e-commerce, food tech, insurance, virtual reality, logistics, airlines, hotels, media, human resources, entertainment, real estate, education, governance, nonprofits and others. The geography of its customers is quite impressive: the US, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan.

We offer experienced dedicated teams who speak your language, accommodate your business hours and share your culture. We are agile: developers can quickly switch between tasks and adapt to evolving project needs.

We’ll build your product from scratch or join the existing team at any development stage. We do full-cycle software development and assign certified product managers for you to concentrate on the business side of the project.

More about FusionWorks and services: https://fusionworks.md

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