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About FluidWeb

FluidWeb helps startups to get their products launched by building a bridge between local youth with high tech expertise and innovators from Europe and the US.

Our web development team is a work force with unique ability to change and adapt to specific goals of a project. Our clients are the people who have the same agile approach to work as we do, constantly monitoring the market, fast-changing trends as they are always ready to negotiate, make some amendments and change the plan in case needed. Sometimes the product they receive is completely different from what we initially agreed on, but it is definitely the one they need.

Through-out the five years of FluidWeb’s presence in the market we have created high-performance expandable platforms, various apps and websites for start-ups and innovators and all of our clients have one thing in common - they need resources to transform their ideas into a product and we’re the best execution team for this.

We challenge ourselves on daily basis to keep up to date with continuously developing IT industry. Providing space for all-round self development and additional education we encourage local youth to join the team and create high-valued products together.

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