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We are a well funded start up; deep tech super mobile app. A female only platform of social media, community, e-commerce & gamification. (Blockchain, web3, token economy, AI/ML)

We operate in Agile methodology using Jira
. On frontend we are native for both Android (Kotlin) and IOS, with clean architecture, building block structure.

On backend our infrastructure is set up on AWS, we use Laravelle PHP, MySQL to power our CMS and and in-house recommendation systems, search, CMS and automation tools

For API we are using .Net 6.0, C#, MySQL, Swagger, Github, and the aforementioned JIRA, AWS and Agile methodology (Scrum)

We are also building our own blockchain and video rendering and AI & ML engines.

We are fully remote with a team currently spread throughout Singapore, Taiwan, India, Ukraine, Poland & Turkey.

Company website: