About EVE.calls

We are here to provide a sophisticated relationship experience by tackling both businesses' and customers’ exigencies. By dipping the ocean of ideas, we've created Eve - a perspicacious virtual assistant to emulate natural dialogs with clients and bring the best conversational practices.

Eve intertwined with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and human creativity is a new dawn of customer service quality.

There is no need to choose the "heads or tails" of the business by giving preferences to emotional or rational patterns, as we provide a cost-wise integral experience and do cause a sense of love to customers. Humans always get back to someone they love. Even if she is a virtual assistant

EVE™ was invented in 2016. Since then, she's been accumulating extensive and engaging experience through fintech, online services, retail, and banking:

95M+ call automated
$11M+ customers saved
$1M+ work hours saved

Our mission:

We feel the sense of the future. We realize a Society of the Future. We make the most of where we are by possessing the upcoming values to provide the gentle world acceleration.

Our vision:

We bring the most sensitive and empathic virtual assistant with the integrity of logical consciousness to life. An unattainable turn to a brilliant solution powerful to dissolve the clients' burdens is a cutting-edge no-brainer.

Our values:

- We pay attention to harmony enrichment by embracing everything we are facing to commit the sustainability in our business. We believe that taking the ups and downs for granted is the only way to shape holistic awareness.

- We accomplish the excellence of business interactions by ousting a fatal human dimension to the power of conversational artificial intelligence. We trust in a brilliant program code where brevity is the soul of wit and prove of a diverse toolkit. We keep faith in an admirable workflow where everything is running without human intervention.

- We commit to a scientific approach by being data-driven and dissecting the suppositions. We evolve and bring the new to this world with a sense of reality.

Our Goal: By 2025, implement the EVE in 1200 large companies, increasing the profitability of sales departments and the quality of customer service.

Clients: Today more than 700 businesses in the CIS region, Europe, and the USA work with us. Among them are such market leaders in their niches: MTS, British American Tobacco, BADM, Premiere Expo, Kyivstar, Moneyveo, UBER, SEAT, LiftMarketing, and others.

Awards: EVE.calls prevailed as the best startup at Seedstars CEE in 2017 and became Seedstars World Finalist in 2018.

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