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  • 14 January

    Приглашаем в свою команду pentester с высшим техническим образованием. Опытом работы в области анализа защищенности и тестирований на проникновение — от 1 года. Пониманием методологий OWASP, OSSTMM, MITRE Attack. Наличием сертификата СЕН.

    Оксана Георгадзе, HR manager at Eska Global
    Kyiv   Partly Remote · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 29 December

    Приглашаем в свою команду человека, который станет не просто нашим сотрудником, а будет вместе с нами делать этот мир более безопасным.

    Оксана Георгадзе, HR manager at Eska Global
    Kyiv Product   Office Work · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

About Eska

K-CONSULTING is a rapidly developing IT company that is oriented on result, development and integration of modern IT solutions for different business fields. We are aimed at business changing and modernization for achieving a result. We are ready to take risks and guarantee the result of your investments!

SK-CONSULTING develops and invests in two fields:
1) Taking into account experience, knowledge and skills of Ukrainian IT specialists we promote our software engineers in the western market offering competitive solutions and reasonable prices.
2) We implant European values and approaches to business solutions using innovative IT projects.

Our team
We are a young and ambitious team! Our colleagues are participants of many international and national projects from different companies. Our software engineers in total have more than 100 successfully realized projects. All our employees regularly and obligatory take trainings on modern principals of developing and implementing IT projects. Our team of project developers, engineers, designers, testers and managers is ready to substantiate, calculate and implement a project not only for IT department, but also realize business solution on a turn-key basis starting from the moment of project grounding till the moment of reports on investment

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