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EHOLD is a technology-focused group of four international companies that have combined their vast knowledge and years of commercial experience in software development, marketing and legal.

We provide software development services, promotion and legal advice to clients across different industries, including informational technologies, Fintech and alternative finance, distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies, cryptocurrencies and virtual assets.

Our group holds 16 offices in 9 countries, has more than 100 strategic partners worldwide, hundreds of projects completed successfully for our clients, and multiple own products with a user base of over 2,5 mln.

Our key services:
1. Smart-contract development
2. Tokensale structuring and development (ICO, STO, IEO)
3. Tokenization and NFT
4. Marketing blockchain projects
5. Development of decentralized applications
6. Website and mobile applications development
7. Consulting, testing, audit
8. Development of cryptocurrency exchanges and digital wallets
9. Solutions for MLM
10. Custom blockchain and software development
11. Legal services for blockchain companies

Each company of the holding has its
unique expertise and developments. By
combining experience and knowledge
under the eHold centralised management,
we are able to create world-class
products and solutions.

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