• 23 November

    Должность Implementation Manager подразумевает работу с данными: * подготовка и создание аккаунтов компаний, добавление списков автомобилей и сотрудников компании * построение инспекций: сборка списка вопросов и необходимого медиа контента к ним * разработка и построение процессов имплементации

    Kirill Yevdokimov, Implementation Manager at Driveroo
    Odesa Product   Office Work · no experience

About Driveroo

Driveroo is bringing the process of automotive care, maintenance and inspections into the 21st century by tapping into a vast amount of public and private data to determine exactly what needs to be addressed with a specific vehicle. Our approach is dynamic and custom-tailored for each industry and service. The ultimate goal of Driveroo is to improve auto safety, help cars run longer and more efficiently, and improve the processes for everyone who touches the car.

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