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About Digital Edge Ventures

Digital Edge is a New York-based company with offices in Dallas TX, Los Angeles, Panama City, Erevan, and Kyiv.

Digital Edge provides unparalleled Managed Cloud Solutions, as well as, superior Information Technology Support Services.

Skilled and accredited, with a proven track record for almost 20 years, we operate exclusively within prime data center facilities providing Enterprise IT Services expertise in:

•Managed Cloud Services

•Private and Hybrid Cloud
•Infrastructure as a Service
•IT Support and Outsourcing
•24/7 NOC and SOC Operation
•Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Digital Edge’s organization is nicely balanced between our experience and ability to support a number of Enterprise-Class IT organizations with complex needs and large processing demands while staying quick and flexible.

Digital Edge specializes in developing proprietary products and startups for the security, compliance, enterprise, and healthcare markets.

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