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    Кого шукаємо: розробника з практичними знаннями PHP, бажанням розвиватися та працювати з Drupal, та знанням англійської мови.

    Юлія Шептицька, Account Manager at dev-branch.com
    Luts'k   Office Work · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

About DevBranch

We are an agency of experienced drupalers.

The Founding Fathers, Drupal Architects and Team/Tech Leads, have been working together since 2010.

Expertise at the technical digital implementation:
- real estate;
- eCommerce;
- intranets;
- government projects;
- high-load platforms

Working mostly with digital agencies from EU and US.
While they handle client and project management, we are responsible for planning and technical web implementations.

Active members of Drupal Community Ukraine.
Organizer: DrupalCafeLutsk, TriviaNight Lutsk, Upwork Huddle

Company website:

DOU company page: