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About Deluxe Modular

Deluxe Modular is one of the largest Design-Build Steel Modular construction companies in the US, at the forefront of modular innovation, incorporating cutting-edge design and technology into everything we do.
Since 1965 we have been challenging the conventional wisdom that there is only one way to build a building. We are constantly re-examining each component of the construction process re-imagining new, better, more efficient ways to build.

Deluxe Innovation was founded with the goal of developing software solutions to complement Deluxe’s design and construction business, and serve the future needs of a rapidly transforming building industry. Our products will serve customers across the lifespan of a building, from initial design through AI-powered tools and configurators, to the management of the project during construction, to the maintenance of the building after construction is complete.

We are in the process of building a dedicated software development team in the Ukraine, and as an early team member you will have the opportunity to shape a new product and participate in the growth of our company over time. If you are hard working and interested in developing a cutting-edge product to transform the building industry, come join our team!

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