• 15 August

    Компанія Dataweb Global Group, провайдер інфраструктурних IT рішень, шукає спеціаліста на роль Product Manager Нашій компанії вже понад 19 років і ми є одні з лідерів ринку таких рішень, як виділені та хмарні сервери, колокейшн, CDN. Наша мережа є в Європі, Азії та США.

    Dataweb Global Group Julia Beliavska, Recruiter
    Cyprus, Poland, Ukraine Product   Full Remote · 3 years of experience · Upper-Intermediate

About Dataweb Global Group

About us:

Dataweb Global Group is an international holding, that is one of the leaders in the product market: dedicated and cloud servers, colocation, CDN.

Since 2002, we have been working with the best to be the best.

We are chosen and trusted by companies that have high-loaded projects with a million attendance such as online cinemas, advertising networks, Fintech, SaaS-services, and file-sharing networks.

What we do to reach success:

continue learning and exploring;
Offer new solutions and increase the level of service to our customers;
use high-class equipment;
Place our services in premium-level data centers in Europe, USA, and Asia;
we provide technical support 24/7 with the help of more than 40 highly skilled specialists;
We provide a comprehensive solution for the implementation of online projects.
Our team is our pride. We are all different, but we have the same goal - to become number 1 in our area of the market. We are rapidly developing and are looking for a talented specialist.

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