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About Databrain

Databrain is an innovative discovery-oriented platform for mobile & web applications that combines big data analytics with predictive modeling. With Databrain, you will be able to improve ROI for your app, increase user engagement and lifetime value, identify the most successful targeting segements for your marketing campaigns, and decrease inefficiencies of your app.

Today, you will be able to sign up for our free analytical platform and start monitoring your user data real-time. There are over 40 amazing analytical reports that are waiting for you in our Admin UI! Check out our live Demo and contact us to get started with Databrain.

Databrain also specializes in predictive modeling. Using user attributes and past user behavior as the key pieces, Databrain’s algorithms can estimate 'user predictive score,' as well as what content would resonate best with your app users ("content predictive score"). Databrain’s models can be developed fast & do not require many resources for integration or refreshes from your side.

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