About Colibri Technology

Colibri is a product of OP Return, a cryptocurrency trading company incorporated in Neuchâtel, Switzerland since 2019. We believe that digital assets will lead to major social and economic changes on a worldwide scale, and thus envision a long-term foothold in the crypto ecosystem.

Our main activities are digital asset management, quantitative trading, market making and in-house software development. With an expertise structured around a large variety of fields, we embody the 3.0 enterprise, valuing team-spirit, self-made talents, and individual initiative. This innate technological flair is what pushes us to deliver outstanding value-added solutions for our customers.

We started to build a solution able to manage our own trading strategies, which evidently became a solution that can answer the needs of a larger panel of sophisticated traders and financial institutions. We keep working on our internal trading in order to grow the company’s developer fund, while at the same time distributing our Colibri solution to professionals and financial institutions.

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