About Codeavors

Codeavors is a stealth German technology startup working on an AI/tech-driven travel platform!

Offering the chance to grow with the startup, who’s founder has over a decade of software/AI development/research experience across various companies (from startups to global technology enterprises) and across continents.

Offered positions are ideal for Junior-level developers or Computer Science students, which prefer to closely work together with an experienced developer / leader that will guide and help them through the development tasks.

Used tools and technology stack: GitLab for CI/CD, async Python interfacing with MongoDB and Redis in a containerized Google cloud backend, and Ionic/Angular together with Google Firebase for a hybrid/PWA frontend/website

Positions are online-only (can be worked on online from home/anywhere), flexible, part-time and on a contract-basis (between 20 to 40 hours per week).

Development work will be broken down into smaller tasks in advance (each task taking maximum a few days), and the candidate will be able to work them off without much urgent deadlines. All tasks and related code will be tracked, collaborated on and checked-in through GitLab.

Will increase compensation over time!

Open positions:
* Python developer working on cloud backend (part-time, freelancer, Junior-level)
* Junior Python AI/ML Data Engineer advancing PyTorch models/experiments (part-time, freelancer, Junior-level)
* JavaScript/Angular/Ionic developer working on hybrid/PWA website (part-time, freelancer, Junior-level)
* Business Administration/Operation/HR Manager (part-time, freelancer, Junior-level)

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