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About Cloudmore

Cloudmore is a privately held Swedish company with Hubs in Estonia, the UK and the US. We launched back in 2007, and today we work with over 1,000 cloud partners and 6000 organizations across the globe.
The Cloudmore platform is a subscription commerce solution that streamlines the buying, selling, and management of recurring services. Amongst our customers, we are proud to count many marketing leading enterprises, MSP’s, ISV’s, Cloud Services Brokers, distributors, and Telco’s from all parts of the world.

2020 was a great year for Cloudmore and our growth continues in 2021 across our hubs in Stockholm, Belfast, and Tallinn.

Cloudmore is an equal opportunities employer, and working for Cloudmore brings a number of benefits, we value highly your health, work-life balance, and personal life commitments, we are outcome-focused like to give all our employees room to breathe and be the best they can be.

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