About NFTlook

Web3 is like the Internet back in the 90s. The potential is huge, but still only a few use cases.

Our global mission is to speed up the globe transition and adaptation to Web3 by creating cutting-edge products that will connect people to the Metaverse. NFTlook.io is the first project to fulfill our mission.

The Reasons to Join Us:
- Web3 technology startup filled with the top 10% talented people.
- A chance to get into the project at the early stage.
- Positive vibes atmosphere & modern work approach.
- Flexible hours: There’s a life outside of work. That’s why our team can work from where they want when they want. And we get tons of work done.
- Unlimited vacation time: We value results, not the time spent behind a desk. Team members can take as many holidays as they need. That’s how we achieve A-level results in everything we do.
- Activities: A few times per year the entire team gets together in different countries. We’ll fly you in so we all can have fun together.

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