• 19 July

    Сложный и интересный проект. Проект активно дорабатывается. Поможем разобраться и поддержим знаниями! Наработка опыта — интенсивная :) Изучение английского языка — ускоренное! :)

    Natalie Rastabarova, Recruiter at Boldendeavours
    Kyiv Product   Full Remote · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

About Boldendeavours

With nearly thirty years of successful web development and online marketing behind we understand and are empathetic to the challenges you face. But most of all, we create with energy and passion; use creativity to persuade; use technology to keep it simple.

Bold Endeavours is a web development company that provides sophisticated web development services; a team that has been doing so since 1992.

Our primary activity is software development and online marketing; with all our experience we have a solid grounding and understanding of business processes and the kind of automation and functionality you need.

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