About BMTP ApS

BMTP Company ApS and GEO-PAK ApS are Danish product based companies with offices in Denmark, the United States and Ukraine. We provide software products and services all around the world, founded in 2010.
Our mission is to design a robust suite of applications tailored to a variety of outdoor activities.
In 2011 a small group of developers launched their company ActInNature with a goal of developing the best smartphone app for hunting. The case turned out to be successful and quickly expanded. In 2014 outdoor enthusiasts in Minnesota discover ActInNature and approach the company to start a joint venture that resulted in GEO-PAK ApS creation. In 2015 we launched our next set of apps: GEO-PAK Hunt and GEO-PAK Snow.
In 2016 we started new application BMTP that provides new way
of learning. BMTP, augmented reality learning platform - Body Mind Team Play.

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