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About Bitfury

Bitfury is a technology company with expertise in semiconductor development, datacenter technologies, and Blockchain platform deployment. The Bitfury Group has offices in Washington D.C., Hong Kong, London and Amsterdam, and data center operations in Canada, Norway, Iceland and the Republic of Georgia.

With a global footprint, the company operates some of the largest and most efficient data centers in the world (including a recently deployed immersion cooling data center). As the entire ecosystem of Bitcoin/Blockchain continues to evolve and mature, the company has a vision for deploying a Bitcoin/Blockchain software platform enabling the “internet of things” while continuing the drive innovation for faster, more efficient design of chips and data centers at the core of the business.

The company has a unique culture fostering an “everything is possible” mindset. By taking enormous challenges and breaking them down to the fewest possible pieces, the company has and continues to succeed ahead of schedule in their endeavors. The right candidate will mesh with this cultural mindset and help develop the company’s operations for next-generation deployments of this quickly evolving technology. The management leads with a calm style and a quiet voice but seeks efficiency and open communications at all times. Given Bitfury’s global nature, team members should be prepared to travel on a frequent basis.

We seek new team players interested in the Bitcoin/Blockchain technology and community to bring his/her talents to help envision and build a cutting edge company — the next Google, Intel, and Visa combined.

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