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  • 24 January

    We are looking for a Cloud Software Engineer with a strong Microsoft Azure focus to join our team of experts to drive further value creation for clients and partners through cloud native digitalization

    Kristoffer Axelsson, CEO at Axelsson Cloud Consulting AB
    Gothenburg   Office/Remote of your choice · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

About Axelsson Cloud Consulting Ukraine LLC

Axelsson Cloud Consulting provides expert services in data- and event-driven digital services, digital transformation, cloud computing, app modernization, lift-and-shift, IIoT & Edge computing, applied machine learning and AI Development, DevSecOps and more, by leveraging the latest technology, cloud services and cloud native solution architecture in Microsoft Azure, aiming to provide businesses with a competitive advantage through digitalization.

Axelsson Cloud Consulting is a Swedish company with a wholly owned subsidiaries in Berlin, Germany and Kiev, Ukraine.

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