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About Avitar

AVITAR – from Sanscrit, AVITA – is the one who helps. We added R to power it up a little.

We are a non-formal Law Firm. Our founders, Ievgen Saveliev and Myroslav Khmarskyi, are constantly introducing unusual practices for self-development and growth.

We value proficiency in hard skills, but more valuable are the soft skills which a person has developed already and your readiness for rapid inner transformation.

We put a lot of effort into building a team by working with each person individually and paying attention to their personal development plan.

People. Business. Law. – is our motto. First, we get to know a person we work with, then we evaluate the business model, and only then come up with a legal solution.

We support hiring elderly people and people with disabilities. It doesn’t matter how you look and where you came from. We look at your skills and open heart.

Happy to find people who would be glad to work with us.

We specialize in supporting emerging IT companies that are entering the British, EU, US, and UAE markets and such platforms like the App Store, Google Play, and Google Ads.

We specify on: Corporate and IP; GDPR/CCPA; E-commerce compliance; Online Accessibility (WCAG/ADA).

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