• 11 October

    AVADA-MEDIA – украинская компания-разработчик IT продуктов. Мы в поиске Vue.js разработчика , для участия в проектах разработки web-приложений

    Кристина Бочарова, Project Manager at AVADA MEDIA
    Odesa   Office/Remote of your choice · 1 year of experience
  • 27 September

    Компания AVADAMEDIA готова принять в свой дружный коллектив грамотного и самостоятельного IT Копирайтера , для написания уникальных текстов, статей . Ценим ответственность, самостоятельность в работе и готовность добиваться качественных результатов в установленные сроки.

    Кристина Бочарова, Project Manager at AVADA MEDIA
    Odesa   Full Remote · 1 year of experience


AVADA-MEDIA is a Ukrainian company developing IT products.

We follow the best global trends and create our own. We know how to listen and hear our clients. We see the essence and find the best business solutions for everyone.

We are 10 years old and we have developed more than 500 projects for CIS countries, USA, Australia, etc.

We know how to turn ideas into successful startups.
We have helped companies such as: Konfiskat, PIVASOV , Normandica, LaNovale, etc.

We are always looking for talent, and we also create it. Our pride is SpaceLab IT courses, which have changed the lives of dozens of people. We are professionals in our field and we need the same ambitious professionals.

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