• 8 October

    Hey there! Do you want to hop on your DevOps journey but can’t find a job without experience? We are happy to take great prospects and grow them on our own. If you are inspired to working in a DevOps-specialized company, where you can grow professionally — we believe this job is for you.

    Dmitriy Konstantinov, Co-Founder at Alpacked
    Kyiv   Office/Remote of your choice · no experience · Intermediate
  • 20 September

    Alpacked company is looking for a recruiter with a professional attitude to help us finding great DevOps talents. Finding true DevOps may be hard, but we hope it will be interesting for you and for sure profitable for you money-wise

    Dmitriy Konstantinov, Co-Founder at Alpacked
    Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Vinnitsia   Partly Remote · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

About Alpacked

We are a DevOps company providing a wide array of offerings from consulting and outstaffing to managed services to help companies and organizations of any size transform the way they consume their IT capabilities.

Thus, we are focused on the legacy modernization and full automation to let our partners focus on their product and business, rather than on its maintenance.
In Alpacked we strongly believe that high quality and deep experience allow delivering greater results and faster return of investments in IT. This makes business outcomes tangible and measurable. To make it possible - we established a team of top-notch DevOps experts with solid experience not only in cutting edge technologies, but in building teams and implementing DevOps practices from scratch.

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