• 10 May

    Since ancient times, humans have strived to build robots that assist us in our daily lives. Aeolus Robotics makes this goal a reality. We provide complete robotic services using our autonomous two-armed mobile robots that increase productivity and convenience across many industries.

    Dariusz Kozyra, Recruiter at Aeolus Robotics
    Relocate, Poland Product   Office Work · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

About Aeolus Robotics

The Future is Now: For centuries people have dreamed about robotic assistants – that day has arrived.

Aeolus Robotics is a fast-growing robotics company deploying robotic services in a broad range of industries. Our advanced robotic capabilities are already commercialized for hospitals, hotels, and eldercare facilities. We currently provide intelligent robot services in Japan and will soon expand to Europe and the US.

We are an international company with development centers around the world. Come do ground-breaking work with us on general-purpose service robotics in unstructured human spaces. We invite you to visit our careers page (http://aeolusbot.com/careers) to start growing with us.

Aeolus Robotics is building a Robot as a Service (RaaS) platform that will help us work better than ever. Our robots autonomously complete tasks in open human environments, increasing convenience, productivity and happiness for everyone.

Help for All: Aeolus robots work in two main spheres -- ‘Fetch-Navigation-Delivery’ and ‘Monitor-Decision-Alert’. These general use cases span a number of industries including elderly care, airports, restaurants, security and industrial applications.

Intelligence and Awareness: Thanks to our superior Artificial Intelligence, Vision, Navigation and Deep Learning technology, our robots are continuously learning every detail of your life and daily work. They independently improve how they serve human collaborators to provide safe and customized help.

We invite top-notch people with a passion for robotics to join us in this technical adventure. Among our many open positions (http://aeolusbot.com/careers) you may just find your dream job, so make sure to check the whole list!

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