• 31 May

    We're looking for a tech and marketing savvy Product Manager that can help to launch our new SaaS product for HR field. The ideal candidate should have a strategic marketing mindset and hands-on experience in developing and launching new software products.

    Nataliia Poliakova, HRD at Acumen International
    Kyiv   Office Work · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

About Acumen International

In the new economy, speed is a new BIG. The speed at which you deploy international talent is key to your company’s success.
Our global employment solution can help you employ and payroll foreign talent in over 190 countries without costly business entities and needing to learn complex in-country labor laws.
You select the right candidate, regardless of where they are based. Acumen will onboard them in a right, legally compliant way so that you are protected from compliance risks and unexpected costs.

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