About 3D studio Ginko Visuals

I'm representing the Ginko Visuals team, a small company, but talented people who can visualize almost everything. I am looking for 3d artist who can be useful for our company from the perspective of complex visualization either renderings, animation videos, and 360 panoramic. The candidate should create 3D exterior and interior visualizations, texturing, lighting, rendering or motion Graphics, Video Editing and Compositing,
producing the different kinds of modeling.
We are working in the architectural industry, cooperating with developers, investors, architects, and interior designers and provide them with photorealistic images and animation of projects of any complexity.

Due to the 9 years of experience working in the same company with architects and interior designers, we have a good ability to understand and interpret architectural drawings and concepts.
The 3D artists need to have an upper-intermediate level of English, which allows understanding and following the given directions from abroad customers.
Looking forward to your response and with an expectation of successful collaboration.

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