• 10 November

    AQA We are looking for automation QA to join our team. The project is a solution for privacy control and management which lets enterprises ensure GDPR compliance. It delivers efficient up-to-date business intelligence for data protection in enterprises. You will join a team of talented people...

    Вікторія Рудик, Executive Assistance&Office Manager at 1touch.io
    Kyiv Product   Partly Remote · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

About 1touch

1touch.io is a product company headquartered in 122 Grand St. SoHo New York, NY 10013 with offices in the heart of the cybersecurity industry, Israel and R&D office in Kiev, Ukraine. 1touch.io is a global leader in personal data and network analytics. Cutting edge technologies, microservices architecture, new codebase and advanced machine learning solutions.

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