• 21 February

    Product company offers you to try your luck in leading the development process of a social media product using Flutter. Become the first and the main engineer in this domain, build an app from scratch, bring in the best practices and drive the product to even bigger success.

    Oleh Holovin
    Oleh Holovin, Recruiter at DSU Team      Харьков · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 20 February

    We are looking for a creative, open-minded Android developer who is willing to join team our new client. You will be developing various new features to the app, as it's currently in the development stage (all code is brand new).

    Elena Kononchuk
       Elena Kononchuk, TL of Recruitment at Qubit Labs      Киев · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 20 February

    USA startup Bond. Продукт —  B2C security app с интенсивным использованием бекэнд-сервисов, видео-трансляцией, сбором и обработкой различных данных ( в том числе местоположения). ЗП вилка: $3800 - 5000(gross) Contact telegram: simona_anastasia

    Anastasiia Simon
    Anastasiia Simon, IT Recruiter at VeryBusy Recruiting      Киев · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 19 February

    At Resty Applications, we're a group of passionate coders and entrepreneurs who enjoy experimenting with new technology. We believe businesses deserve better software - software that’s ready to go, easy to setup and use, and everything we do is based on that core principle.

    Vyacheslav Reshentyakov
       Vyacheslav Reshentyakov, co-founder and CTO at Resty-app      Харьков · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 18 February

    Full-time position for Senior Android Developer.

    Anastasiia Maidanyk
    Anastasiia Maidanyk, HR Manager at sweetcode.pro      Киев · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 18 February

    We are looking for creative, open-minded and smart Android developer who is willing to join our team of world-class professionals.

    Marta Kostkiv
    Marta Kostkiv, Recruiter at InterLogic      Львов · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 18 February

    We’re bringing online to offline, enabling our customers to order their favorite meals through our app or web portal. We are providing our restaurant-partners with an on-demand fleet of couriers, making it simple for customers to order and receive delicious meals.

    Olga Onaschenko
    Olga Onaschenko, Talent Manager at Raketa      Киев · 3 years of experience
  • 18 February

    On behalf of our KIVU Technologies, we are looking for a Android Software Developer to join a client team in Kyiv on a full-time basis.

    Darina Nakopiuk
       Darina Nakopiuk, Researcher at Scalors      Киев · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 18 February

    Visonic A Tyco International Company is an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic security systems and components. We are dedicated to enhancing people’s way of life by increasing their sense of security.

    Svitlana Korotash
       Svitlana Korotash, Recruiter at JCI      Киев · No experience · Intermediate
  • 18 February

    LITSLINK is a team of professional developers, creative designers and experienced IT professionals who are committed to developing the best product in their industry.

    Rostyslav Zmykalo
    Rostyslav Zmykalo, IT Recruiter at Litslink      Киев · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 17 February

    We design the world’s most useful and usable digital products with relentless efficiency. Stuzo is a Digital Product Innovation Company. We are looking for a top talent to join our professional and skilled team.

    Леся Савинцева
       Леся Савинцева, IT Recruiter at Stuzo      Киев, Житомир · 2 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 17 February

    You will be a part of a team of "stars" that work with Artificial Intelligence technologies to make an innovative application for people's safety.

    Natalia Baryshok
       Natalia Baryshok, IT Recruiter at Synergetica      Киев · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 17 February

    A global, well based and growing company in the field of IOT and Telematics is looking for a Android developer to join our team.

    Julia Kalmikova
       Julia Kalmikova, Recruiter at mwdn.com      Харьков · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 17 February

    Привіт. Ми команда Мінцифри і нам не вистачає молодих та крутих українців. Готові разом з командою Diia Company підкорювати верховини Android? Не вистачає лише Android Software Engineer!

    Юлія Мартинова
    Юлія Мартинова, HRD at Diia Company      Киев · 3 years of experience
  • 17 February

    kyiv - full time

    Valeria Lebedeva
    Valeria Lebedeva, HR Manager at Accenture      Киев · 1 year of experience