• вчера

    For a young specialist, we have a few projects dealt with **Networking and Linux user space development**. We have long term relationships with customers from the USA and Europe in the field of networking firmware and smart home solutions production.

    Vladyslava Kryvenkova
       Vladyslava Kryvenkova, Talent Acquisition Specialist at SirinSoftware      Киев · Без опыта · Intermediate
  • 15 апреля

    Healthcare, C++, machine learning, neural networks, cloud computing image and video processing algorithms, 3D construction and visualization computing on graphics card processors, development of a convenient touch-based UI

    Alyona Kochenyuk
       Alyona Kochenyuk, IT Recruiter at Fulcrum Software      Харьков · Без опыта · Intermediate
  • 15 апреля

    Overview You will be joining Mellanox’s RnD office in Kyiv and work in global teams that deliver new technologies to the market.

    Olga Alekseeva
    Olga Alekseeva, HR/IT Recruiter at Mellanox      Киев · Без опыта · Intermediate
  • 4 апреля

    Интересный, длинный, нетривиальный проект. Оплата от $2000, в зависимости от уровня знаний, умений и опыта.

    Дмитрий Комов
    Дмитрий Комов, Softinventive Lab      Запорожье · Без опыта
  • 2 апреля

    The American product company eZLO invites HW engineerr to join the team to develop products of the "smart home". You'll have a great opportunity to make life easier and safer. With the help of your experience and the desire to learn new things, you'll make a difference in improving the future.

    Alyona Zakladnaya
    Alyona Zakladnaya, IT Recruiter at eZLO Innovation      Харьков · Без опыта · Pre-Intermediate
  • 2 апреля

    C++ Internship will take place in Odesa. After successful accomplishment of the program, you will have an opportunity to work in Odesa or Kiev studios.

    Dima Popovichenko
       Dima Popovichenko, Recruitment Specialist - Ubisoft      Одесса · Без опыта · Intermediate
  • 2 апреля

    C++/Python Engineer with Image Processing/Analysis Experience

    Катерина Мистрюкова
       Катерина Мистрюкова, IT Researcher at luxoft.com      Киев · Без опыта · Upper Intermediate
  • 1 апреля

    Embedded C/C++ Tech Lead

    Катерина Мистрюкова
       Катерина Мистрюкова, IT Researcher at luxoft.com      Киев · Без опыта · Upper Intermediate
  • 1 апреля

    GlobalLogic is looking for Trainee Software Engineer for Channel Development

    Roksolana Kushliak
    Roksolana Kushliak, Recruiter at GlobalLogic      Львов · Без опыта · Intermediate
  • 31 марта

    As a contractor, you will be in charge of designing, implementing and improving the state of the art toolpath calculation algorithms. You’re expected to work with specifications, provide estimates and communicate to internal stakeholders.

    Andrey Zamotaylov
    Andrey Zamotaylov, Team Leader at ModuleWorks GmbH      Киев, remote · Без опыта · Intermediate
  • 31 марта

    For our newly established R&D center in Kiev we are looking for SW engineers with skills in embedded, linux, SDK, Firmware, FreeBSD and more

    Shimon Edry
    Shimon Edry, Sr. Global Recruiter at Mellanox Technologies      Киев · Без опыта
  • 29 марта

    EXPERIENCE: Software development experience, preferably in game development, CAD/CAM/CAE development, and any kind of project heavily relying on using machine learning algorithms & methods.

    Eugene Ganev
    Eugene Ganev, PM at Fractured Byte      Харьков, Днепр, Днепр · Без опыта
  • 28 марта

    Do you believe in beauty when it comes to programming? Do you have a vivid interest in elegant algorithms? Are you fluent in C++? If so, we would like to meet you.

    Yulia Zhachuk
    Yulia Zhachuk, HR at think-cell.com      relocate, Berlin · Без опыта · Upper Intermediate
  • 22 марта

    I am in a search of C++ Developer ready for relocation to Berlin.

    Yuliya Liatambur
    Yuliya Liatambur, Trainee IT-Recruiter at IT Recruitment Solutions (ITRS.ua) ®      relocate, Берлин · Без опыта · Upper Intermediate
  • 21 марта

    We invite active and passionate young people who have experience with both hardware and software or similar technical background to try your hand at a real project.

    Sofiia Pokinska
       Sofiia Pokinska, Recruiter at Sigma      Львов · Без опыта · Intermediate