• yesterday

    Sellmyapp.com is one of the first marketplaces for buying and selling mobile source code. The marketplace strives to enrich and push the mobile developer community to innovate by offering a wide variety of options to make new income streams as a mobile developer.

    Maria Bondarenko
    Maria Bondarenko, Recruitment Manager at Hyperion Tech      Харьков · No experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 17 January

    IT компания ищет к себе в коллектив вежливого специалиста со знанием английского языка и опытом работы!

    Юлия Овчаренко
    Юлия Овчаренко, Hr-manager at Decasoft      Киев · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 17 January

    Fornova is looking for a Customer Support Engineer to provide excellent services and support to our growing customer base.

    Masha Shvets
       Masha Shvets, HR-manager at Pillar      Винница · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate
  • 17 January

    We are international IT product company, established in Ireland at 2014. Freetour gives Ukrainian developers the opportunity to become a part of an international company delivering high-end service to the travelers world-wide.

    Yulia Zadvornaya
       Yulia Zadvornaya, Head of HR at VIAGIO      Киев · No experience · Intermediate
  • 17 January
    Maria Kryvonis
    Maria Kryvonis, Recruiter at Proffiz      Львов · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 17 January

    Ми - Artsyl Technologies Inc. - IT компанія, яка успішно розробляє інтелектуальні рішення для розпізнавання та класифікації документів, вилучення та аналізу даних, експорту в сторонні системи, автоматизації бізнес-процесів. Шукаємо Professional Service Engineer.

    Volodymyr Yablonskyi
    Volodymyr Yablonskyi, Chief Operating Officer at Artsyl Technologies, Inc.      Киев · No experience · Intermediate
  • 17 January

    Project Coordination and Implementation Specialist

    Volodymyr Yablonskyi
    Volodymyr Yablonskyi, Chief Operating Officer at Artsyl Technologies, Inc.      Киев · No experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 17 January

    Hi! Thank you for attention :) At the moment we’re hiring a team of customer care specialists to work with our US client.

    Valeriia Koliesnik
    Valeriia Koliesnik, Talent acquisition specialist at WiserBrand      Харьков · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 17 January

    We are looking for SL2/SL3 Technical Support Engineer

    Alina Salnyk
    Alina Salnyk, IT Resercher at Luxoft      Киев · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 17 January

    Продуктова ІТ-компанія з власними проектами, які успішно розвиваються, оголошує конкурс на заміщення вакантної посади спеціаліста клієнтської підтримки.

    Ангелина Чак
    Ангелина Чак, Assistant Director at SPV Technology      Луцьк · 1 year of experience
  • 17 January

    GoMage is looking for a tech-savvy, skilled support specialist for our Magento store.

    Vadym Antsyferov
       Vadym Antsyferov, Chairman of the Board, CEO and Co-Founder of Ecombix      Remote · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent
  • 17 January

    Мы крупная международная компания, занимаемся предоставлением услуг хостинга клиентам по всему миру. В офис в Днепре мы ищем специалиста технической поддержки.

    Ihor Komelin
    Ihor Komelin, HR manager at Servers.com      Днепр · No experience · Intermediate
  • 17 January

    Product It Company

    Kristina Chesnokova
       Kristina Chesnokova, HRM at lucky-labs.com      Киев · 1 year of experience
  • 16 January

    We're looking for ambitious Customer Support Specialist for Verto Analytics, the company providing a consumer-centric measurement solution for monitoring the complex behaviour of today’s consumer on every device, app, and platform used throughout the day.

    Nadiya Lisovska
       Nadiya Lisovska, Head of Studio at Midealab      Львов · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent
  • 16 January

    A2 Hosting is your high powered hosting provider. We cater to our clients by offering scalable hosting accounts, which run on robust servers, at an affordable cost. A2 Hosting provides Linux and Windows shared web hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers to clients around the world. We have a growing global team with a strong culture of empowerment and professional development. We are looking for a motivated, team-focused, fast learners to join our support family.

    Rina Punko
    Rina Punko, Support administrator at A2 Hosting      Remote · No experience · Upper Intermediate