• 4 December

    IOT Web Lab, LLC is looking for IT Sales Manager on a remote base

    Алена Мандриченко
    Алена Мандриченко, Company recruiter at IOT Web Lab, LLC      Киев, remote · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 2 December

    Let’s get acquainted - we’re Jupser! We specialize in delivering innovative solutions to our customers’ most challenging problems. Now we are expanding the sales team and looking for Lead Generation Specialist to increase team efficiency. A great start for a young professional to boost skills.

    Vladislava Tkachenko
       Vladislava Tkachenko, Communication Specialist at Jupser      Киев, remote · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 29 November

    Our ideal candidate is someone who has a strong knowledge of English and composing English texts, analytical, interested in business, and excited about learning new technologies.

    Julia Syvukha
       Julia Syvukha, Head Of Recruitment at Echo      Львов, remote · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent
  • 26 November
    Hostenko Hanna
    Hostenko Hanna, HR manager at TopDevs      Запорожье, remote · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 26 November

    Sales Agent

    Maxim Shevchenko
    Maxim Shevchenko, HR at ABC Hosting ltd ZZZ.com.ua      Remote · No experience · Intermediate
  • 25 November
    Natalia Plakhotna (Yarynich)
       Natalia Plakhotna (Yarynich), IT- Recruiter at Sannacode      Киев, remote · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 22 November

    Приглашаем на высокооплачиваемую работу с привязкой к результату настоящего мастера телефонных продаж.

    Ира Димитреева
    Ира Димитреева, Recruiter at iCoach      Remote · 1 year of experience
  • 20 November

    Looking for remote Sales Manager with possibility business trip to our Office in Wroclaw (Poland)

    Maryna Kobina
    Maryna Kobina, HR at Interbranche      remote, relocate, Poland · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 20 November

    We are looking for a freelance Sales manager to provide the company with projects. You will find projects for the company and get $money for them.

    Viktoriya Patculya
       Viktoriya Patculya, HR Manager at FreeUA      Remote · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent
  • 20 November

    CloudBees is powering the continuous economy by offering the world’s first end-to-end continuous software delivery management system (SDM).

    Maria Belonozhko
       Maria Belonozhko, General Manager at Ecentria Solutions Odessa      Киев, Одесса, remote · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 18 November

    Looking for Sales Manager (Remote) with minimum 1 year experience in sales (preferable sales in outsource/outstaff companies), advanced English and excellent communication skills.

    Roman Zaporozhets
       Roman Zaporozhets, CEO at Bladeware      Remote · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent
  • 18 November

    Лідогенератор (junior IT sales)

    Yaroslava Pokatenko
       Yaroslava Pokatenko, HR manager at EJaw Estonia OU      Киев, remote · 1 year of experience · Intermediate
  • 16 November

    Наши целевые рынки: CША, Англия, Швеция, Швейцария, Норвегия. Наша команда в поиске талантливого Sales менеджера, который сможет привлекать иностранных клиентов, работая полностью удаленно.

    Виктория Вишня
    Виктория Вишня, IT recruiter at Outstaff.global      Remote · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate
  • 13 November

    With a solid base of expertise and experience in AWS development, Lambda Team builds the unique and outstanding products for your business. We are looking for a sales representative.

    Kyrylo Kozak
       Kyrylo Kozak, CEO of Lambda Team      Remote · No experience · Upper Intermediate
  • 12 November

    Are you a result-driven Sales representative that is committed to setting up partnerships with clients, that are interested to be represented via media? If you said yes to the question above, then check the opportunity we have for you!

    Anita Hunza
    Anita Hunza, Recruiter at Viventor.com      Remote · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent